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Skin Booster

Beauty Mask


Skin Booster is a skin rejuvenation treatment that consists of hyaluronic acid which is specially formulated aimed at improving skin hydration, especially in the aging process that has begun to reduce the natural moisture needed for the skin to remain elastic and healthy. Serums and moisturizers that have been used in a daily skin care regimen alone are not enough. As is well known, Hyaluronic Acid is a water-binding agent that can hydrate the skin from the skin so it can improve skin elasticity and is very moisturizing with long-term effects. Skin Booster is also used to treat aging and sensitive areas such as the neck, hands, and areas with acne scars. Who can do Skin Booster? Anyone can benefit from this Skin Booster, but in particular, people with dry, aging and dull skin, with large pores, and acne scars that are difficult to lose will get satisfactory results.


Skin boosters are injected in very small or micro doses just below the skin, Hyaluronic Acid is a natural molecule in our skin, stimulating fibroblasts, causing a dramatic increase in elastin, collagen production. Produces a quality of perfectly hydrated skin, smooth, soft and has a naturally bright skin tone. However, over time, our skin loses collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, and it becomes drier, coarser and less elastic. Skin boosters reverses the aging process of the skin by re-entering hyaluronic acid into the skin. With hydration that increases dramatically, the skin looks more supple, bright, and looks younger. At the same time, Skin Booster starts to stimulate collagen production after being injected, providing a long-term anti-aging effect.


Skin Booster is different from Dermal Filler, with Dermal Filler to get the volume filling effect, but when using skin boosters to get skin repair results. With Skin Booster it is possible to increase the elasticity and structure of the skin, and reduce fine lines smiling on the cheeks and around the eyes. With Skin Booster, wrinkles will not disappear completely, because the skin naturally folds when we make our facial expressions, but it will get a more natural look and the skin will become smoother, so wrinkles look less than before.


Before the first Skin Booster treatment, it is recommended to consult with your injector first. Starting from consultation and preparation of Skin Booster until the treatment is complete, this procedure takes around 30-45 minutes. It's best after skin boosters avoid things like extreme temperatures, swimming, going to hot tubs, excessive sun exposure, and drinking alcohol. Therefore it can reduce the effectiveness of skin boosters in a few days. Then the results will be seen gradually in the weeks after the procedure. Skin Booster is best done 2-3 times a month. So that the Skin Booster continues to encourage the production of collagen to reverse skin aging.

price:  per session $299

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